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Membership at WAIF-FM

You can become a member of WAIF for a contribution of $25 or more. Members of WAIF receive the annual “WAIF Alert!” newsletter and attend the WAIF Annual Membership Meeting.
At the Annual Membership Meeting, held each September, ALL members have FULL voting rights to elect the WAIF Board of Trustees and help chart the course of this radio station!


But Membership goes way beyond that!

The entire staff of WAIF is made up of members, all of whom are volunteers. In fact, membership is a requirement for having a program on WAIF or to hold an office. And still even beyond THAT, making a contribution of at least $25 and becoming a member is the very thing that makes this radio station happen!

WAIF is a non-profit radio station and neither seeks nor accepts corporate or commercial funding. Close to 100% of ALL costs incurred by WAIF are paid for by contributions from listeners. This is vitally important. With contributions coming only from listeners - THE RICH AND VERY DIVERSE PROGRAMMING AT THIS STATION IS BEHOLDEN TO NO ONE EXCEPT THE PROGRAMMER AND HIS OR HER LISTENERS!

If you enjoy any of WAIF’s fine programs - and chances are you’ll like more than one - we hope you will make a contribution, become a member and support the very diverse, free and unrestricted programming at this radio station!

How to Become a Member of WAIF
The WAIF Fall Memberthon begins on October 16th and runs through November 29th. One of the best ways to become a member is to call the station during one of your programs and make a pledge to the programmer! It’s easy, provide your name and address and we’ll send you an envelope in which you can mail a check.
VERY SOON, this space will also provide a PayPal link where you can make a credit card contribution and still credit your favorite program.

You can also contact the station at the info below ANYTIME to become a member of WAIF.


Office: 513-399-5626

Studio: 513-961-8900
Studio: 513-749-1444


1434 E. McMillan Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206