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Radio Proposal


Do you have a concept for a program on WAIF??

As we say before every show…

“…WAIF serves only to open it’s airwaves to responsible, divergent points of view…”

Current Open Slots at WAIF (Apply ASAP)

  • Monday;       12 Am -   2 Am
  • Tuesday;      10 Am - 12 Pm
  • Wednesday; 12 Am -   2 Am
  • Wednesday;   1 Pm -   2 Pm
  • Thursday;     12 Pm -   1 Pm
  • Thursday;       2 Am -  5 Am
  • Friday;           8 Am - 10 Am
  • Saturday;       2 AM -   5 Am

We are currently accepting proposals representing music, talk and/or education of all ethnicity

Download a proposal NOW!!!

If you have an idea for a show, start the ball rolling!

WAIF Programming Committee; 859-816-5194
WAIF Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun:  513-344-1391

What WAIF is Looking For:

We are currently accepting proposals representing music, talk and/or education of all ethnicity

Proposals are now being accepted for programs to air once each week in the available slots above.
First broadcasting in December, 1975, WAIF is the Cincinnati area’s first community radio station and was founded on the guiding principles now
embodied in “WAIF Wants”
If YOU have an idea for a weekly radio broadcast, how about taking a look at the “WAIF Wants” list below!?

• Programs by and for underrepresented and unrepresented segments of the population, minorities and others with little or no access to the media.
• Programs offering useful information, services, news and creative expression.
• Programs featuring local entertainers, artists and personalities and programs offering varieties of music.
• Programs dealing with improving the quality of life.
• Programs dealing with the causes and elimination of racism, sexism and other forms of prejudice and oppression.
• Programs dealing with alternative approaches to institutions.
• Programs dealing with local issues and events, and local aspects of national and international issues.
• Programs dealing with the concerns of working people.
• Programs encouraging listener participation and involvement, and programs which serve to demystify the media, bringing technology within the reach of non-professionals.

Does your program idea fit into the “WAIF WANTS”? If so - WAIF WANTS YOU!
WAIF is a cooperative radio station with a 100% volunteer staff! WAIF provides the necessary training and a weekly time slot, you provide the resources, time and talent to produce your program. WAIF does not have a rigid format - to the contrary, WAIF encourages new, creative, divergent and alternative radio programs.
Are you ready for the most interesting volunteer job in Cincinnati?
You have taken the first step. Now it’s time to make a proposal!

How To Make a Proposal:

To put it generally - talk with us!
Think about your idea. Give it some thought. Flesh it out a bit in your own mind.
Now it’s absolutely not necessary to have your idea completely realized, planned out and “down to a T” before contacting WAIF. But once you’re comfortable just explaining the idea, place a phone call to one of the WAIF Trustees listed below. Or write a letter to our address in their care.
WAIF broadcasts locally and streams via the internet around the world. Explain your idea and how it would be beneficial to the Greater Cincinnati area or possibly even a national or international audience.
Once we’re all comfortable, we’ll mail you a proposal to be filled out and returned. This packet will outline EVERYTHING we need to get you into the station!

You may call, or write the station at the address below.

Call at 513-961-8900 or 513-749-1444.
If leaving a voice mail or speaking with a non-Trustee on-air programmer, please explain that you’d like to propose a program and give your name, address and phone number. Please leave a phone number where you can be reached during the day and early evening.

Write to:

1434 E. McMillan Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206-2225
Attn: WAIF Program Proposal Request

OK? You’ve got the ball rolling! Let’s work it out and see if we have a match!

WAIF Trustee Chair: Colleen Sims
WAIF Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun

Real Stepchild Radio One
WAIF, 88.3 FM
1434 E. McMillan Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206-2225

Office: 513-399-5626

Studio: 513-961-8900
Studio: 513-749-1444