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Support WAIF!

Since its inception in 1975 WAIF-FM has been a non-commercial radio station and as such, receives no revenue from advertising.

Which of course means there are no commercials aired on WAIF and we believe this is a GOOD thing!

WAIF also does not receive regular grants nor funding from tax-dollars.

The one source for nearly 100% of the financial support for this radio station - comes from its listeners and underwriters. And the great thing about THAT is that it means the programming on WAIF is beholden to no one - EXCEPT it’s listeners!

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We hope that YOU will become a member and supporter of WAIF-FM!

When a listener makes a contribution or underwrites a program, that’s direct support not only for the ideas or entertainment of that program, but also for the entire concept of the multifaceted programming provided by this radio station. And vitally important is the idea that this programming does not have an outlet in any other area of the broadcast spectrum or in print.


In the weeks to follow, this space will provide a number of avenues to support the station financially. There will also be other ways you can support, from making major contributions, helping around the station or perhaps donating supplies or other items.

But you CAN support the station now!

In the month of October, WAIF is having it’s Fall Memberthon on the air. Listen in to your favorite show - when you’re asked to call and make a pledge, please do so!
You can call the studios at 513-749-1444.


Please contact our Underwriting Coordinator Guy Moore, or Vinay Satyal.

Office: 513-399-5626

Studio: 513-961-8900
Studio: 513-749-1444

Real Stepchild Radio One Inc., DBA WAIF-FM, is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Most contributions to this station are tax deductable.

WAIF Board of Trustees Chairwomain: Colleen Sims; 513-328-1827
WAIF Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun;  513-344-1391

1434 E. McMillan Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Office: 513-399-5626

Studio: 513-961-8900
Studio: 513-749-1444