What Radio is Meant to be!

About WAIF

NEWS FLASH! – WAIF is positively thrilled to report that we are now broadcasting with a brand new transmitter!
Our radio signal is now loud and clear throughout the Greater Cincinnati are and beyond!

WAIF broadcasts at 88.3 FM in Cincinnati and streams live around the world through our website at http://www.waif883.org.

WAIF is Cincinnati’s community radio station!
WAIF, as a community radio station, serves only to open its airwaves to the responsible, divergent points of view of various communities in the Cincinnati area who do not otherwise have an outlet to present those views.

WAIF radio is one of the most eclectic media outlets of any kind!

At this one spot on the radio dial, you’ll find extremely diverse types of music, news fitted to particular areas of interest, talk on all sorts of subjects, “how-to” shows, worship shows and shows with ideas rarely found anywhere else – especially on the radio.

WAIF is 100% volunteer staffed!
From management to on-air personalities, motivated and energetic members of the community donate their time, ideas and words – and their own music collections – to broadcast this wonderful programming to the Cincinnati community and around the world via our internet stream.
Do YOU have an idea for a program? Would YOU like to go on-the-air?

WAIF is a non-profit radio station!
WAIF’s corporate parent is Stepchild Radio One of Cincinnati, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit educational organization. WAIF accepts underwriting from businesses or supportive individuals, but there are no corporate sponsors, no commercials and no funding from tax dollars.

YOU can support WAIF!
One of the great things about WAIF is that since its financial support comes from its listeners, the content of this station is beholden to no one except its listeners!
As a non-profit educational organization, many contributions and underwriting is tax-deductible. Any individual or business can make a contribution.
To make a contribution, to find out what it means to be a member of WAIF and to learn other ways you can support this station, please visit our Financial Support/Membership page.

WAIF broadcasts at 88.3 MHZ on the FM dial with an effective radiated power of 4000 watts.
WAIF streams around the world, and the link to this free stream can be found on the homepage of this website.

WAIF Board of Trustees, Officers and Staff
Elected last September

The New Board Has Taken Office:

Chairwoman: Colleen Sims
Vice Chairman: Vinay Satyal
Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun
Chief Operator: Patrick Lenga
Secretary: Razi Din
Treasurer: Tamar Kane
Trustee: Kim Walker
Trustee: Vernell Elliott
Trustee: Rob Hollen
Trustee: Tom Winkler
Trustee: Rick Johnson

Co-Underwriting Coordinator – Rob Hollen
Co-Underwriting Coordinator – Vinay Satyal
PSA Coordinator – Steve Morgan

Programming Committee: 859-445-8279

WAIF studio, office location and mailing address:

Real Stepchild Radio One
1434 E. McMillan Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Office: 513-399-5626

Studio: 513-961-8900
Studio: 513-749-1444