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Do you have a concept for a program on WAIF??

As we say before every show...

"...WAIF serves only to open it's airwaves to responsible, divergent points of   view..."

Current Open Slots at WAIF (Apply ASAP)

  • Sunday;        2 Am - 5 Am
  • Sunday;       10 Pm - 12 Am
  • Monday;        2 Am - 5 Am
  • Monday;       12 Pm - 1 Pm
  • Monday;       1 Pm - 3 Pm
  • Tuesday       12 Am - 2 Am
  • Tuesday        2 Am - 5 Am
  • Wednesday; 12 Am - 2 Am
  • Wednesday; 2 Am - 5 Am
  • Thursday;     12 Am - 2 Am
  • Thursday;     2 Am - 5 Am
  • Thursday;     5 Pm - 6 Pm
  • Saturday;       2 Am - 5 Am

We are currently accepting proposals representing music, talk and/or education of all ethnicity

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If you have an idea for a show, start the ball rolling!
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WAIF Programming Committee; Toni Hines 859-445-8279
WAIF Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun:  513-344-1391



At the 2015 Membership Meeting in September, members of WAIF elected a new Board of Trustees.

Please welcome the new Board!

Chairwoman: Colleen Sims
Vice Chairman: Vinay Satyal
Secretary: Betina Fryerson
Station Manager: Olubanjo Adigun
Chief Operator: Patrick Lenga
Treasurer: Kim Walker
Trustee: Felton Mitchell
Trustee: Dr. Rakesh Shukla
Trustee: Razi Din
Trustee: Vernell Elliott


WAIF BOT-Chairwoman:
WAIF Station Manager:
We look forward to serving you!
Email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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Since its inception in 1975

WAIF-FM has been a non-commercial radio station and as such, receives no revenue from advertising.

Which of course means there are no commercials aired on WAIF and we believe this is a GOOD thing!

WAIF also does not receive regular grants nor funding from tax-dollars.

The one source for nearly 100% of the financial support for this radio station - comes from its listeners and underwriters. And the great thing about THAT is that it means the programming on WAIF is beholden to no one - EXCEPT it's listeners!

Underwriting Contract Download

We hope that YOU will become a member and supporter of WAIF-FM!


Please Donate $25, or any amount to your favorite Program.

Members of 2014-15 Board of Trustees

Rear: Rick Freedly, Colleen Sims, Felton Mitchell, Betina Fryerson, Dr. Danny Williams.
Front: Kim Walker, Olubanjo Adigun, Razi Din, Vinay Satyal, Patrick Lenga.

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